• Better Data. Better Decisions.  Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ delivers the conceptual site model you need to make better decisions.

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What We Do

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Aestus works collaboratively with clients to develop ultra-high resolution conceptual site models that enable more efficient and cost-effective environmental site clean up.

We Do It Better

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Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ combines ultra-high data density GeoTrax Survey™ subsurface imagery with targeted drilling data visualized in 2D, 3D, and 4D.

We Do It Faster

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Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ can reduce site characterization timelines from years to months, typically reducing cleanup costs and timeframes as well.

GeoTrax CSM+™ for a Better Conceptual Site Model

Too many environmental sites cannot be cleaned up over the course of years or decades. This is because remediation efforts are based on inaccurate conceptual site models developed using low data density drilling data that was collected without the benefit of targeting.

The Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ process for conceptual site model development combines our proprietary Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ non-invasive subsurface scanning technology and Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ data integration and 3D visualization. This process integrates the scanning imagery and targeted client drilling data to generate ultra-high data density 3D conceptual site models that provide better data, allowing you to make better decisions.

The Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ conceptual site model identifies hard-to-find contamination, zones of bioactivity, and impacts to surface water and sediments, and provides further insight on hydrogeology and contaminant flow paths. This detailed information results in faster site closure at lower cost.