Why Choose Aestus, LLC?

At Aestus, view we recognize that most industries evaluating complex three-dimensional problems have adopted a scan first then drill approach, as it has proven to be more technically and cost effective. The oil and gas exploration industry (3D seismic imaging) and medical industry (X-ray, MRI, CAT scan, Sonogram, etc.) both perform imaging work as standard practice before performing invasive procedures such as drilling or surgery. As the environmental industry has historically lacked a useful scanning tool, here it is still dominantly a drill-first industry.

Aestus, LLC is working to change this. Our Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ process provides environmental professionals with Aestus GeoTrax Survey™, a proprietary subsurface scanning technology that was developed by Aestus engineers and Oklahoma State University researchers specifically for the environmental industry. Our Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ process integrates this scanning data with our clients drilling data to successfully generate useful, enhanced conceptual site models relative to understanding and remediating contaminants in all types of geology, including through clay lenses and beneath surface water bodies.

Aestus has been solely focused on ultra-high resolution environmental site characterization since company inception in 2001 and we are the worldwide industry leaders in this approach. Aestus team members have extensive experience in characterizing sites with complicated contaminant distributions in complex geology, and believe that our technology is the best choice relative to other geophysical tools and/or standard drilling blind approaches. Learn more about our team.