Deliverables for Aestus Site Characterization Surveys

The Aestus standard scope of work for creating site characterization surveys as part of the Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ process would be to perform the following major tasks:

  1. Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ Field Work:

Includes planning, geophysical and land survey data acquisition, and data processing.

  1. Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ Data Integration:

Integrate GeoTrax Survey™ images and historical drilling data (if any exists) into 2D (figures) and 3D visualization software

  1. Interim Data Interpretation Work:

Review integrated data sets and perform an initial calibration of the electrical resistivity color contouring schemes used in our survey images to site-specific chemistry, bioactivity, and hydrogeology using results of historical drilling data.

  1. Draft Interim Report Data Review with Client via Web Conference:

Discuss interim results and interpretation with client via web conference or face-to-face meeting. We will also discuss the selection of confirmation boring locations, if warranted.

  1. Interim Report Submittal to Client (electronic format):

Submit initial report that includes tables (geospatial data, confirmation drilling data), figures (2D GeoTrax Survey™ images with integrated historical data), electronic appendices (field notes, site photos, XYZR data files, and 3D model) and typically includes recommendations from the Aestus team regarding confirmation drilling targets and the preliminary GeoTrax CSM+™ conceptual site model.

  1. Client Performs Confirmation Drilling and Sampling:

Perform confirmation drilling work at targeted locations based on Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ images. Client forwards final boring logs and analytical data to Aestus.

  1. Incorporate Confirmation Drilling Data and Adjust Interpretations:

Integrate confirmation drilling data that is spatially coincident with GeoTrax Survey™ lines into our 2D report figures and 3D visualization software and adjusts electrical resistivity color contouring schemes and interpretation as appropriate.

  1. Draft Final Report Review with Client via Web Conference

Discuss results and Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ conceptual site model interpretation with client via web conference or face-to-face meeting.

  1. Final Report Submittal to Client (electronic format)

Submit all above mentioned elements with the Interim Report (updated as appropriate with confirmation drilling data and results) and a text section with conclusions and recommendations based on the newly developed GeoTrax CSM+™ conceptual site model.

Contact us to request a sample report in final format.