Benefits of Conceptual Site Model Development from Aestus

The conceptual site model development provided by Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ can add significant value to most any environmental cleanup project. Benefits to our clients include:

  • Realizing substantial reduction in overall project cost
  • Knowing where to drill wells and eliminate “drilling blind” scenario
  • Increasing data density, typically by two or more orders of magnitude
  • Generating better conceptual site models 3-D visualization is standard
  • Jumping off the standard site characterization treadmill”
  • Knowing where to target remediation efforts
  • Knowing where to inject remedial compounds and/or where they went in the subsurface
  • Knowing whether remediation was successful

Aestus is able to provide these benefits through our GeoTrax CSM+™ process that includes the following components:

  • Better data collection through Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ using our enhanced, proprietary electrical resistivity imaging that provides ultra-high data density.
  • Better data interpretation and visualization through Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™, which is maximized by the Aestus team’s experience and expertise in environmental consulting and geophysics.

Aestus can add significant value at most any stage of a project. However, the greatest potential cost savings is typically realized the earlier that Aestus becomes involved in a project, as the Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ subsurface scanning technology can guide costly drilling and remediation work sooner. Many repeat clients of Aestus use GeoTrax CSM+™ before any drilling work is performed at a new project site.