Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™: Data Integration and 3D Visualization

Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ - Data Integration and 3D Visualization

Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ provides geospatial integration and 2D and 3D visualization of our ultra-high data density GeoTrax Survey™ subsurface imagery with historical and follow-up confirmation drilling data. This process capitalizes on our clients previous investments in historical drilling data and allows us to effectively calibrate or convert our electrical image data to correspond to the subsurface issues of interest to our clients.

Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ was developed in the context of characterizing upwards of 200 environmentally impacted sites using the Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ subsurface imaging technology. Aestus has learned that useful conceptual site models must have the following two components:

  • High data density
  • Multiple lines of evidence integrated and visualized in 3D

High data density is required to adequately understand site hydrogeology, contaminant distribution, biological reactions, native groundwater quality, results of previous remediation attempts and other variables that may be present. Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ imaging provides the required boost in data density as the resulting Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ conceptual site model is based typically on thousands or tens of thousands of real field data points, versus the data from only tens of monitoring wells or soil borings.

Because no one technology provides all of the needed answers, multiple lines of evidence are required to develop an accurate and useful conceptual site model. Aestus uses GeoTrax Survey™ imaging data along with our clients historical and/or follow-up confirmation drilling and sampling data as two primary and complementary lines of evidence. Other useful lines of evidence include, but are not limited to, historical aerial photographs, site use maps, and regional groundwater gradient data.

The Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ process effectively integrates ultra-high data density multiple lines of evidence into one place, allowing all project stakeholders to visualize the data in 3D. This pays tremendous dividends as project stakeholders, including consultants, owners, and regulators, can see the data in the same way and more quickly agree on the best path forward on the project, typically saving both time and money.

The Aestus GeoTrax VIZ™ process can be used as a starting point for new clients that want to see their drilling data integrated in 3D before investing in Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ scanning work, as well as for existing Aestus clients to visualize existing drilling data at sites where the deployment of GeoTrax Survey™ was not feasible for logistical or other reasons.